Risk Management Solution

Dominion Wire & Cables Ltd has a number of options available for any particular interruptions that may arise to its value chain. For example we have more than one reliable option for sourcing raw materials. Moreover we carry more than 3 months of raw material stock, fully protected from flood and rain in a cyclone approved modern warehouse. We also have a backup generator in case of power outage. Our suppliers are also well positioned and are able to respond positively to any sudden changes in demand.

We have embraced latest manufacturing technology that has increased our capacity over time along with a fully functional in house maintenance department capable of addressing breakdowns in a timely manner which is demonstrated by the current 2% level of downtime out of the total factory running time. The workforce is well qualified and trained and a continuous training programme that is spread over 12 months is in place to ensure workforce is capable of identifying, correcting and minimising mistakes by being customer focussed.

DWC also carries enough finished goods stock for its everyday running items in order to meet its delivery.