Different Cables, Different Jobs

Dominion Cables has four categories of cables to meet specific requirements and projects:

Building Fiji and the Pacific’s Commercial Centers

Building wire and cable is used in the construction of almost every commercial, industrial, and residential property in the world. Dominion Cables produces a wide range of types of building wires, all intended for use as elements of the electrical grid in various types of buildings such as houses, and commercial, industrial buildings and every other type of structural facility requires sound wiring for reliable and safe operations.

Cable Specifications:

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Bringing Fiji and the Pacific to Life

Imagine living in a world without electricity. Almost everything we may do, requires the use of an electrical current somehow or the other. Power line cables transmit energy from the power plant, to a particular substation and then to residential or work areas, therefore providing people with an invaluable resource exactly where and when we need it. Dominion Cables is proud of the stellar reputation we have earned furnishing cabling to power providing organisations around the Pacific.

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Resilient Cables Made to Last

These cables have higher flexibility due to larger number of strands in the conductors and are used for wiring of control panels, machines and various electrical installations in small, medium and large industries and are specially designed to cope with the tight bending radii and physical stress associated with moving applications. A higher level of flexibility means the service life of a cable inside a cable carrier can be greatly extended.

Keeping Fiji and the Pacific Enlightened

Humans are social beings and this behavior has also transcended deep into connectivity as well as the digital platform. Cables are literally the interwoven fiber of communication all over the world and are used in a multitude of manners that including data transmission, electronic circuits, and a multitude of other applications that constantly keep the lines of communication open.